Shalom Willam:
Nathan, our mutual friend, and I agree. Your work and its purpose, are wonderful!
I have been with the Jews of India many times and they are as varied as the Jews of the states. There was commercial and spiritual intercourse between the Jews of India and the Jews of Babylon and Persia   2500 years ago, and the Hindu methods they learned from their neighbors, were mentioned in our Talmud, and incorporated into our Zohar. Our whole way of living in Shelma, integration, and not being attached to outcomes and knowing that God is Adon Olam and not we, is so Gita-ish.
These meditative techniques as well as philosophies are part of Talmudic Judaism but became lost to most Jews as Judaism became westernized and tried to emulate the Church. Judaism IS an eastern religion and when practiced as such, leads one to true serenity. I teach this.
Please keep in touch.
Many blessings,
Rabbi Arthur Segal

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